At Imperial Bible Church we care about the whole family. 

Any opportunity we have to impact someone for Christ is something we have to look at. 

Here are a few of the ministries we have going on right now.

Small Groups

Sunday night at 5:30pm Pastor Robby and Amanda Clay's.

Sunday night at 6:30pm at Eric and Brenda Germans

Tuesday night at 7:00pm at Dave Hanna's


Bible Studies

Ladies Tuesday Morning- 6:00am at Cathy Hanna's

Men's Wednesday morning- 5:30am at Dave Hanna's

Ladies Thursday morning- 6:00am - Viv Berry

Ladies Thursday morning-9:00am-rotating homes


Spanish Church

Tuesday night prayer service at 8:00

Thursday Ladies Bible study at 5:30

Friday kids ministry 7:00

Saturday, Worship Service 7:00